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My robot won't connect to my Android/Kindle Device

In order for Bluetooth LE to detect our robots within the apps, your device's location services must be enabled.   Please check your location services and if they are disabled, please enable them and then attempt to connect to the robot via one of our apps.  

For Kindle users, or any device using Child Accounts, location services are not available in Kids mode or Kids Profiles. The Kindle device will have to be used in Adult mode or adult profile so location services can be enabled and your tablet can connect to our robots.
Wonder Workshop does not use or store your location information, but the permission is required for your device to communicate with the robot.

To enable location services (This varies per device):

1. From a Home screen, touch Apps > Settings > Privacy > Location.

2.Touch ON/OFF to turn Location services on

Why do i need location services enabled?

Google/ Android made this requirement with release of Android 6.0 Kindle uses an altered version of the Android interface so the requirement will apply to Kindle devices as well. 


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