In the Wonder app, how can I reset challenges, unlock Free Play, or unlock Wonder Cloud?

There is a secret menu in Wonder with access to many features! To open it:

Step 1: Tap and hold on Eli's head/hair with one finger.
Step 2: Without letting up on Eli's hair, tap Free Play, then Inventor’s Log, then Free Play again with another finger.

If you open Free Play or Inventor's Log during this process, reposition your finger on Eli's head and try again.

This gives you the following options:
  • Enable Controller Mode. Checked by default. If unchecked, the Controller disappears from the main screen.
  • Reset App. If tapped, this resets all Scroll Quest progress, along with related unlocks.
  • Unlock All Cues. These are normally unlocked as rewards for completing Scroll Quest challenges.
  • Unlock FreePlay. This is normally unlocked by completing the first set of Scroll Quests.
  • Unlock Wonder Cloud. Checked by default. If unchecked, Wonder Cloud disappears from the main screen.

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