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How do I install the launcher?

Please watch the following video or the walk through the instructions below to setup your Launcher correctly.


Step by step instructions:

Step 1: Line up the rings of the Launcher to the connection points on Connector, and snap into place. Make sure the blue connection points are fully in and it’s hard to take them out.

Step 2: Install the black connector, put the launcher on a flat surface. Hold the connector so that the smooth part is on top and press it into place.


Step 3: Take the remaining orange connector and press it into place. Make sure it is not upside down and it is installed so that there is about 5mm between the connector and the line on Dash's head. See picture below:

Step 4: Install the launcher part and install it on Dash so that the black connector is right below the line on Dash's head, slightly touching its head, and press in the orange connector to the back of Dash, as shown in the picture below.

Below are common mistakes we see when installing the launcher:

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