Installing the Sketch Kit market Attachment?

Below are instructions on how to install the Sketch Kit to your Dash or Cue robot. 

Step 1: Attach the harness under the robot, make sure it's snug and secure with the marker insert facing the front of Dash or Cue. 

Step 2: Attach the earpiece onto the robot's right ear. Make sure the small triangle arrow is pointing directly up and when the robot's head is facing forward. Press firmly until it snaps into the robot's ear.

Step 3: Open the marker cap. Make sure you store the cap somewhere for safekeeping. If you don't put the cap back onto the marker when you're finished, the ink will dry out in about two hours.

Step 4: Insert the marker into the market attachment. When the market is secure, you will hear a "click" sound. If the attachment has moved away from the robot's body, make sure to press it towards the robot's underside. 

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