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Why are there two different logins on the website?

We have two different systems that support our website - a Curriculum platform that allows us to publish lesson plans, challenges, and other content for Dash and Cue Robots. And, we have our Ecommerce platform, which allows us to process orders and run our Rewards Program on.


If you have ever signed up on our website to access our lesson plans, then you have created a Curriculum Account. If you’ve signed up for our Rewards Program, then you’ve created a Rewards Account. Since there are two different platforms, we can’t merge the account information.

We are working on having Single Sign-On (SSO), which would allow us to manage both systems with one account. However, our Ecommerce platform, while widely used across industries, doesn’t integrate easily with our proprietary Curriculum platform, so it will take us some time to get to a place where you will need only one account to access our Curriculum and our Rewards Program.

In the meantime, we’ve taken your feedback and will be making it clear which account you can log into. This should be live by the end of January 2019.


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