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What will happen if I remove another teacher from my subscription?

Any member except the Administrator can be removed from a subscription by any other member. To remove a member, click on the Classrooms tab in Class Connect, then click Manage Subscription. From the list of mem...

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I lost a device that was connected to Class Connect, what should I do?

If you lose a device that was connected to Class Connect or want to disconnect a device for any reason, you can do so from Class Connect. Click on the Classrooms tab, then click Manage Devices. From the lis...

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What do other members gain access to when I share a classroom with them?

When you share a classroom with another member, they gain access to the roster of students and Blockly dashboard for those students. Any of the member’s connected devices will allow students to access their pro...

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Can my students still work in Blockly without an internet connection?

Yes, if a student is already working on a puzzle or project in Blockly and loses internet, they can continue working and their profile and progress will be updated when their device regains connection.

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